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2022 All-Star Games Rosters Announced!

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The Best in the area are set to battle it out September 11th.

The All-Star Game Combines featured 250+ players in Memphis and Louisiana competing for their spots in this year's All-Star Game. Check below to see who made the rosters:

Louisiana Upperclass All-Star Game Roster:
Hosted at Louisiana Tech

OF- Kadarien Harris

OF- Barnes Williamson

OF- Amari Jackson

OF- Lane Lusk

OF- John Pearson

OF- Jordan Green

OF- Jonas Louis

OF- Jackson Glymph
OF/INF- Caleb Johnson

INF- Trent Anderson

INF- Alex Dupuy

INF- Giancarlo Arencibia

INF- Thomas Collins

INF- Blayne McFarren

INF- Braeden Scherzer

INF- Mason Bordelon

INF- Jordan Luna
INF- Austin Hardy

1B- Jackson Legg

1B- Kennedy Leggett

1B- Nick Gillian

1B- Hunter Hodges

UTL- Jett Hudnall

UTL- Cody Presley

UTL/P- Mason Estrada

C- Cody Breaux

C- Hunter Azemar

C- Clayton Pourciau

C- Justin Szymanski

C- Julian Garcia

P- Dee Morgan

P- Colin Simon

P- Connor Achee

P- Reece Tarini

P- Ryan Ursery

P- James Janak

P- Jace Duhon

P- John Henry Winstead

P- Jonathan Anders

P- Grayden Harris

P- Braden Richardson

P- Hunter Wills


Underclass All-Star Game Roster:
Hosted at Louisiana Tech

OF- Shelton Harville Jr.

OF- Jordan Hernandez

OF- Clayton Kimball

OF- Noah Lewis

OF- Sam Oakley

OF- Chantz Babineaux

OF- Braylen Montgomery

INF- Josh Lim

INF- Jackson Beddoe

INF- Brock Laird

INF- Jacob Froehlich

INF- Jack Ruckert

INF- Gavin Nix

INF- Xorian Robinson

INF- Jackson Waller

INF- Cade Wilkerson

INF- Stan Wiltz

1B- Mason Leblanc

1B- Easton Sanders

1B- Ty Estridge

UTL- Yahir Pagan

UTL- Cullen Weller

UTL/P- Devyn Downs

C- Cooper Smith

C/P- Caleb Authement

C- Connor Walker

C- Jaxon Bentzler

C- Sam Tumminello

P- Jude Weller

P- Thomas Allen

P- Maddox Ardoin

P- Andrew Ferguson

P- Seth Leger

P/UTL- Dylan Ackerman

P/UTL- Hunter Heath

P/UTL- Andrew Clapinski


Memphis All-Star Game Roster:
Hosted in Memphis, TN

OF- Amari Conley

OF- Lucas Caraway

OF- South McCoy

OF- Attison O'Cain

OF- Trey Gardner

OF- Holden Robinson

OF/P- Brady Moffitt

INF- Tierrol Rials Jr.

INF- Colton Coates

INF- Gavin Bledsoe

INF- Kyle Pace

INF- Levi Bryant

INF- Tinnin Potts

INF- Rye Maxwell

INF- Mason Eads

INF- Jordan Kirshbaum

INF- Clenon Hardin

1B/P- Jacobie Smith

1B- Jacob Yarbrough

1B- JT Maharrey

1B- Hudson Brown

1B/UTL- Collin Bland

INF/P - Christian Doty
P/INF - Caleb Doty

C- Jack Pitts

C- Hunter Gregory

P- Keaton Baird

P- Clay Strope

P- Hunter McLemore
P- Ashton Duke
P- Kevin Robinson

*No particular Order

Logan Coley 1B/3B
Cooper Scott OF
Sutton Lewis P / INF
Cason Clemons  INF
Hudson Brignac INF
Bryce Lopez P
Dillion Bird INF
Will Good C
Brett Kindle OF
Kyle Veal OF
Carter Hurley INF
Julian Bourgeois INF
Bryce Fontenot INF
Mike Morton INF
Wyatt Chenevert UT

Peyton Beck P
Sean Waits P

Underclass Alternates
Bradyn Spears
Grant Deshotels

**Alternates will fill in if positions become available. Options to get added to Memphis Roster




UNCOMMITTED GAMES - Coming this Fall!



Are you an Uncommitted 2023 or 2024 still looking for a shot at the next level? Request Your Invite to the 2D Sports Uncommitted Games October 8 in Baton Rouge.The Uncommitted Games will consist of 40 of the Southeast's top Uncommitted 2023/2024 players selected from 2Dsports Tournaments/Showcases/ASG Combines/Coach Nominations or by REQUEST. Players will go through a Pro-Style Combine in the morning followed by a Double Header in the afternoon.

Players from this past ASG Combine will start getting invites after August 25th




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