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Week 2 of the Select Series Didn't Disappoint!

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MVPs, Standings, Game Recaps, Top Performers, & More from Week 2 of the Select Series!

Week 2 of the LA Select Series, MS Select Series & 14u Gold were full of action-packed highlights & top plays. Let's recap all that took place:


As more teams make their debut, standings are beginning to take shape. A few teams beginning to take early leads and middle standings becoming very competitive with not much seperation between any of the teams in any division.


11U DIVISION: Finally all of our teams have made their debuts and the league is starting to take shape. In the Southeast, Cage - Vincent is off to a sizable lead with double the points as their closest competition. Powerhouse and the Pelicans are battling it out for second place and the Knights and RBI are forming the tail end of their division. 

A good bit of distance in the Southwest as well with 337 Baseball collecting quite a few wins this weekend to allow them to take over first from the Kings this week. Blitz and Cajuns neck and neck in the middle of the pack, with Impact Baseball making their debut this week and collecting a few points as well. Knights Cenla shouldn't have any trouble piecing things together by the end of the season, a very competitive division. 

TBT Southern Finest 11s showing the North Division why they are called 'the finest' with their 230 points. Havok doubled their points from our last blog, climbing over the Warriors and the Finest 10s. Buffs collected a few wins as well, slow and steady in the 5th spot with BPA NELA Gold pulling out a few wins this weekend to give them their first points of the season. This division is going to be extremely interesting, who could topple the Finest 11s and claim that number one spot? Every team is within reach, but only time will tell. Definitely a division to keep an eye on because these kids are looking like they are going to be competitive all season.

12U DIVISION: The real question here is if anyone is going to beat Garlington. Currently the Boys from Garlington are 8-0 on the season and received a scare from Knights Knation NW in some cross-division play, though BPA remained perfect in the 8-7 contest. Cage - Walker is hot on Garlington's heels with the two Knights following behind in Martin and Holliday. The PC Tigers aren't being counted out though, able to pull a few wins out this weekend. RBI Academy has yet to win again, but they seem due any game now, keeping most of their games very close.


The Southwest region is extremely close and they still have the Outlaws left to join the party. The Kings seem to be off to an early lead, but Team Action is closer to first place than the points would make it seem.  The Tornados made their debut and brought a whirlwind with them gaining 70 points in their first weekend of play to put them in third place. Cenla and 337 are tied up at the bottom of the list, but they are till one weekend away from either of climbing to the top. 

Surge went around collecting Ws this weekend with their only loss coming to the third place BPA NWLA Black in a 4-3 game. The West Monroe Bulldogs had an eventful weekend, going 2-2 on the weekend to keep them in second place, though BPA NWLA Black is climbing quick with a pair of Knights right behind them. The Sticks went 2-2 as well this weekend gaining their few points of the season with undoubtedly many more to come. The North LA standings seem to have a clear leader, but any team seems to have the potential to overthrow them in the coming weeks.


Much of the Mississippi region looks the same as we last saw them with Yazoo and the Twins taking the week off. East Coast Sox are a new team in the division and they are in hot pursuit of the top two spots. Currently, this region only has a 2 win difference between the 1st and last place, so competitive is a bit of an understatement. Things can only get more fun when the other Sox team joins in. 

13U DIVISION: A lot of triple digit totals in this division with many very close to reaching that mark. This one might be the most competitive division in the league right now.

Baton Rouge Fontenot is BARELY edging out their brethren MacMillan. The Pack is in the middle of the pack but not far behind either of the Knights. The other, other Knights are in fourth place starting to gain a bit of momentum. Numbers don't do this region justice with a large difference in games between many of the teams. When Tsunami catches up with games played, we're going to get a better picture of how this region is going to shape up. Much more competitive than what the standings and point totals are showing.

If the standings are telling us anything, it's that the Legends and Tiger Elite are going to be neck and neck all season, both tied at 170 points each. Even more so, the Louisiana Kings are makings interesting themselves, keeping a steady third place but still within arms distance of the top spots. The Cajuns and the Blue Jays have a some cross-town rivalry going on toward the bottom of the standings, very close in 4th and 5th place respectively. The Wildcats are without a win so far, but there is still a lot of season left and everyone is still trying to find their footing. 


The Mississippi Region continues to show a lot of parity, which means great talent and high-level play. East Coast Sox (Buckvich) sits atop of the of the leaderboard with a pair of Sox (see what I did there?) at 2 & 3. MS Yankees sit behind them in the 4 spot.
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14U DIVISION: I feel like I might be repeating myself, but this division is extremely competitive too! What a wonderful problem to have: too much competitive baseball. That just shows how competitive the Select Series is.

Knights Spring has a sizable lead in the Southeast while Cage - Bergeron fends off the rest of the region off with the Saints - LeBlanc close behind them, with Knights Knation and Ascension Select Pirates right behind them. This region is anyone's at this point, though Spring has a bit of an advantage. Cage made a jump this week, climbing up from fourth place in our last standings and finding themselves in second while LeBlanc and New Orleans took the weekend off. Good games, can't wait to see who is going to rise to give Spring some competition.

In the Southwest, Acadiana keeps their stop on top, managing to collect 130 points on the weekend to stay the number 1 team in the Southwest for the second week in a row. Team Louisiana SW has been busy since the last blog, amassing 140 points in a very short amount of time to put themselves in second place, jumping half the region to get there. The Mustangs made their debut, and what a debut. it was -- only losing one game on the weekend and that was to Team Louisiana Southwest. The Kings were dethroned this weekend, dropping a few spots down to become tied with LA Assault. Limitless is still searching for their first win at the bottom of the Southwest Region, but no doubt they will find one soon. 

Team Louisiana North is your Division leader with a whopping 240 points right now. The Warriors climbed up a few spots, moving from fourth up to second, putting together quite the showing this weekend to gain 140 points on the weekend. Zapata is right were we left them at third place, their kinfolk BPA NELA put in some work this weekend, climbing up to fourth place, getting pretty close to Zapata with only a few games separating the black and yellow fellowship. Victus had a tough time since our last blog, but look for them to pull it together in the coming tournaments. Team Louisiana North Monroe is having a tough time at the bottom of the standings, but keep in mind they are a week behind in terms of games. 

Mississippi again shows some great competition. SBG SOX Adams stays atop of the leaderboard with 230 points. NELA Athletics garners a big weekend to hold a firm spot at #2 while 3 teams tie for 3rd.

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14u Gold Division: Through the mid-point of the season, we see the Knights Knation Green, Ripzz Baseball Academy, and Wildcats Baseball separate themselves as they sit 1-2-3, respectively, on the 14u Gold Leaderboard. A close 4-5-6 between Ascension Giants, Tsunami Baseball, and Ascension Sun Devils are within arms-reach of cracking the top 3 spots before Championship Weekend in June. The Louisiana Nationals have some catching up to do, but with a win last weekend has bolstered their record and looking to claw back into the mix.

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11U Knights Knation Cenla 3 - 337 Baseball 5

337 Baseball came back to beat Knights Knation Cenla in the late innings of Saturday's Evening game. The Knights appeared to have everything under control under the pitching of Quin Gassiot, who only allowed two hits and zero runs in his two innings of work during the contest.  Grayson Fontenot earned the loan RBI for the Knights as he hit a double into left field. Crenshaw, Vidrine and Fontenot all touched home for Cenla's three runs.

Baker Knowles came in relief for 337, pitching 3.1 innings and not allowing a single run or hit, allowing 337 to get back into the game.  Behind Knowles pitching, 337 accumulated seven hits with Cohen Boggs and Carson Guillbeaux both having multiple hits each with Cohen, Hebert and Knowles all responsible for RBIs. Boggs also got a double in the game along with his teammate Blayden Mitchell. 

In the end, the powerful bats and steller pitching by Knowles were too much for the Knights Knation and 337 took the contest 3-5.

12U PC Tigers 2 - Cage Walker 3

An amazing game Sunday afternoon between the PC Tigers and Cage Walker. Both teams put up a pair of runs in the first inning, with the deciding run coming in the 3rd inning with Isaiah Daley scoring Cooper Walker after Daley scorched a ball to right field for a double. Carter Devillier also racked up a RBI with Carmouche, Rivere, Black, Devillier, Walker and Daley all reaching base safely. Along with the lone RBI, Daley also pitched 3.2 innings without giving up a run, earned or otherwise. He sent 6 Tigers back to the dugout on strike outs and only walked 2 batters. 

Offensive standout would goto Connor Lacour who hit a 2 RBI BOMB to right field to score himself and teammate Hunter Jones who reached base on a walk. Connor also came into the game in relief, pitch two-thirds of an inning  striking one batter out. The starter for the came was Jacori Platt who pitched 3 innings and struck out 6.

A close game, but Daley was the difference maker, putting Cage Walker on top to get the W.

13U Tsunami Baseball 4 - Acadiana Cajuns 1

Tsunami Baseball won their first game of the season during the noon game on Sunday. The game was quiet, tied up until the last inning at 0-0 before the bats came alive for five runs total in the 6th between the two teams. All four of the runs came on homeruns during the last inning, one of which was hit by Braidon McNemar. Phenomenal pitching by Jacob Kostelak who pitched all 6 innings, only giving up one run on three hits while collecting 7 Ks.

On the other side of the field, Maurice Marcel Jr. reaching base safely twice on as many plate appearances one of which was a triple to right field. Hunter Doucet was the only other Cajun to reach base safely, grabbing a RBI in the process. Malik Thomas pitched five amazing innings, only giving up one hit and one walk while striking out 7. 


Amazing pitching by both teams, but two homeruns in the 6th put the Tsunami on top to get their first notch in the win column.


14U Team Louisiana North Monroe 8 - Hub City Baseball 7

Another close game in the evening game on Saturday as Team Louisiana North Monroe holds on to gain their first win of the season against Hub City Baseball.


Nine hits propelled North Monroe to victory, with Elijah Spicer hitting a double and Larson Brock sending a shot to right field for a triple. RBIs to go around with Brock, Spicer, Turpin and Zeigler all pushing a teammate across to add to the run totals. Zeigler struck out 4 and only gave up one earned run while walking 3. 

Hub City made it interesting in the 6th inning. Down 8-1, Hub tried to make the most of a collection of a single by Lon Paul Moody, a few errors and a walk by Drew Voohries to score six in the last inning, but sadly came up short by a single run. Nicholas Mire had a double in first to left field as well as a single in the third. Gauthier also had a multi-hit day with a pair of singles to right field. Moody and Foreman both had singles, with Moody batting a run in. The second RBI came from Drew Voohries who scored Foreman in the first. 


Another close game, but even with the lat inning surge by Hub City, North Monroe was still able to finalize their first win of the season.




(More Highlights - Twitter @2D_sportsYB)


11u Division

MVP Working Copy

Runner-Up: Brandon Habetz & Cullen Lowery


12u Division

MVP Working. Copy

Runner-Up: Aiden Adams & Jaquan Morris


13u Division

MVP Working 13. Copy

Runner-Up: Brayden Simpson & Jackson Yeager


14u Division

MVP Working 14. Copy

Runner-Up: Grant Speer & John Cade Zeigler


  • 11u - Brandon Habetz (LA Impact) 🥈
  • 11u - Parker LeBoeuf (Farm System Pro.)
  • 11u - Cullen Lowrey (LA Havok)🥈
  • 11u - Paxton Balsamo (Monroe Buffs)
  • 12u - Carter Devillier (CAGE)
  • 12u - Jaquan Morris (EC Sox - PL/Steele)🥈
  • 12u - Aidan Adams (Knights Knation Nasser)🥈
  • 12u - James Williams (LBA)
  • 12u - Connor Lacour (PC Tigers)
  • 13u - Dylan Varnell (East Coast Sox - Bukvich)
  • 13u - Prueit James (SBG SOX)
  • 13u - Jackson Yeager (LA Cajuns)🥈
  • 13u - Brayden Simpson (SBG SOX - Smith)🥈
  • 14u - Gavin Polk (NELA Athletics)
  • 14u - S Turner (BPA NELA)
  • 14u - Konner Boudreaux (Team LA SW)
  • 14u - Kade Thomas (Wildcats)
  • 14u - Brody Creel (Ascension Sun Devils)
  • 14u - Joe Liotta (Ascension Giants)
  • 14u - Jaden Ard (RIPZZ)
  • 14u Grant Speer (Knights Knation Green)🥈
  • 14u - Brennan Storms (Knights Knation Spring)
  • 14u - John Cade Ziegler (Team LA)🥈


  • Select Series back in action this weekend in Ruston/Broussard/Live Oak


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